December 20th, 2014

creative resourceful sane

Life continues...

This week, I am feeling like a success in my chosen profession.

No, not that chosen profession. I know, hard to keep 'em straight.

A bunch of people bought my book, so I put together an actual Christmas-time coupon and actually emailed people about it. Like a professional person who sells a thing. Crazy. Then more of them bought copies, because coupon. Yay!

I also sold another copy of my deploy class. I thought I had sold a copy and then got asked for a refund the next day, but I have high hopes for my new student-number-four. I'm also getting email list signups. These are good signs.

I am becoming better at the annoying-but-not-complicated minutiae of selling a big thing with a lot of moving pieces.

I am also totally sucking at sitting down and doing video editing. I am going to do more of that before wimping out and paying somebody to do video editing for me.

But the wimping out? At some point that will totally happen. I just don't know when yet.

Happy holidays!