September 28th, 2012

act human once in awhile


I really do just burn out hard occasionally. It doesn't help that this past week has been entirely decaffeinated. I'm hoping that a relatively easy week this week will let me swing back into next week feeling better.

I'm not doing badly, exactly. I just have a bunch of could-be-productive time and my mind is saying, "screw you, I'm off duty."
Don't care the question, "Yes and I'd do it again"

CMU tutoring

I almost never mention what's going on in my life on LJ.

Last semester, I did Ruby on Rails tutoring for CMU West. They apparently liked me, so this semester I'm doing it again.

It's pretty cool to step in and help new(ish) programmers learn the ropes, or to help more experienced programmers with the same transition I made a few years ago, learning Rails from a non-web background. I am repeatedly reminded of how much time I've put into this hobby/job/thing I do.

Unrelatedly: Krissy is, like, *this* close to her marathon. Under 20 miles of training runs left, and the marathon is on October 7th down in Long Beach. She's been training and sweating and suffering for this for quite a few months now. And it's within arm's reach. Go her!