September 21st, 2012

do not anger the monkey

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Shanna and I were playing 'Sleeping Beauty', with me as King Stephen and her as the queen.

I'm a sarcastic fellow:

Me: I knew raising children would be hard, but I tell you, giving our daughter away to be raised by fairies for sixteen years has just been exhausting.
Shanna: Yeah. Let's just give our baby to Maleficent.
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Every so often I go and check on how World of Warcraft is doing.


So, in the newest expansion, you can play a bouncy panda monk. Or start a farm (not kidding), with daily quests to raise crops. Or have your (vanity, non-useful) pets fight each other.

So then, WoW ran out of ideas after Cataclysm? Or was Cataclysm this bad? I stopped paying attention mostly after Wrath of the Lich King...

I don't really want to see what happens when the WoW guys start seriously trying to steal ideas from Farmville.
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Utterly unrelatedly...

I set up a web site with Stripe awhile back to sell my book, and I have it notifying me by email when somebody buys, or when the money has been sitting a week and gets transferred to my bank account.

I keep waiting for the event notice that goes, "you're a fraud and have no business writing a book."

But so far, nope, it's always "here, have $33" or "somebody bought a book."