September 8th, 2011

choo-choo (dzaa!)

Workplace randomness

My current workplace, Ooyala, was a little odd to interview at because it has a recruiting video (scroll down to see) of people who already work there, so I had met a bunch of my interviewers and random people in the hall before showing up. So I kept seeing people I felt like I knew walk by... It kept feeling weird, like I was interviewing in my living room or something.

Then on my interview I randomly met a guy who I know socially and who has dated my wife. And a guy I used to hang around with at CMU. Ooyala actually has a sizeable CMU contingent.

More recently, I referred another friend who got hired, and now works there.

So I should just decide Ooyala is going to be a social hangout of random people I know. Today at lunch, it turned out that a girl I dated years ago was interviewing there. I'd had no idea, I just saw her across the table.