May 11th, 2011

bearded monkey god

Man, I haven't posted in forever

Started a new job in late March. It's been good. I've been there for (checking a calendar) just over six weeks now. It's really, really busy, and a whole bunch of new stuff, but I'm also doing very well. So, y'know, just about optimal for a new job.

The kids continue to grow like weeds. Shanna remains an amazing little human and it's a constant struggle to remember that she's not even three yet. She remains kind, loving, perceptive, funny and generally wonderful, while being the sort of rebellious and infuriating that you'd hope for from a healthy not-quite-three-year-old.

Calli is sitting up and crawling and understanding a few words. She's *just* starting to sign a little bit -- the occasional "milk" and "potty" that you'd expect to be on the short list. One of her favorite games is to babble verbally until she hits on "da da da" and then I'll point to me and say "dada", point to her and say "Calli" and she'll burst into giggles. It's as cute as it sounds.

The house is slowly improving. Rototilling in the back yard, new plants, painting in several places, furniture moving everywhere. For anybody who doesn't know, dangerpudding is moving into our extra bedroom, which should be a good thing all 'round. She loves the kids, Arizona's not working out as well as she'd hoped, we find her to be great company, and everybody loves lower rent.

So yeah, things are good. Mostly life is quietly continuing, and Krissy and I are paddling at just about top speed trying to keep up with it.