March 1st, 2011

pants on fire - matters not!

Last Week - Brezsny

Last week, Brezsny told the Gemini:

You're not scared of acquiring more clout and luster, right? You won't get nervous if you suddenly have to deal with more success than usual, right? You won't run away if a power spot you've been cultivating for yourself finally starts providing you with the opportunities and responsibilities you'd been hoping for, right? I just hope you're ready to handle the good stuff that's available, Gemini. Please don't confuse this enjoyable stress with the other kind.

Well, fair enough. I'm part of multiple undertakings, but one in particular, that looks a lot like that. Let's see how it goes, shall we? I can hope. Certainly it would be a fine substitute for my current situation if it happens - a trade of one kind of stress for a better one.

And to Leo, my moon sign, he said:

The depths are calling to you, Leo. Can you hear their subtle melodies? Don't worry: I'm not referring to the icky, stinky, creepy depths; I don't mean that you'll have to lose yourself in a chaotic miasma, or wander speechless in a claustrophobic maze. No: The deep place I'm talking about is maybe the cleanest, most well-lit abyss you've ever had the complicated pleasure to explore. I'm not saying there'll be no hairy riddles to deal with; but I am saying that even the hairy riddles will be interesting, at least a little fun, and helpful in your efforts to purify yourself.

No clue on this one. Maybe it's somebody else's. Or maybe I'm behind on my rituals of self-purification -- also entirely possible. I shall be on the lookout.