July 6th, 2010

kissing krissy

Quiet Fourth Weekend, Toy Story 3 is Pretty Good

Toy Story 3 is really excellent if you thought the first two were. Also, it is totally the Fan Service Sequel (no, not that way -- just doing a lot of vamping for the audience, story-wise), which seems appropriate now that they're shutting down the franchise. They did a fair number of things that would be hard to get away with if they were going to do another sequel. Still Disney/Pixar, still edgy for Disney yet still a children's movie. Ridiculously good ending. Really more like several sequential pitch-perfect endings.

Also, several fun flavors of "meta" if you choose to look for them.

The long weekend was quiet and good. Some burgers happened, some hanging out happened, some chores happened, a fair bit of Shanna-time and Krissy-time happened, some coding happened. All the bases covered, pretty much :-)