May 29th, 2010

monkey bad boy

Motorcycle is sold...

Since we got the minivan and I've got a four-wheeled vehicle to make the morning commute with (without depriving Krissy of a car, like), we've been figuring I should sell my bike. It's really not good for me to be out on it with two kids, and where serious injury would be a bad, bad thing...

And today, with remarkably little difficulty, I managed to sell my bike (thanks for the heads-up, Les!). My blue Suzuki SV650S is now the property of somebody else, and likely happier for it. I haven't taken it out regularly for awhile here, and wouldn't any year soon.

I can't help but feel a little mixed. It was a very good bike, and served me well. But it's time for me to be off the bike for a few years or more, and it doesn't really make sense to keep it throughout. This was the time, and everything lined up.

It's done. I'll miss it, now and again.