April 29th, 2010

Chief is grumpy

Doing better - was I doing badly?

I've been a little congested lately. Apparently it was worse than I thought, because it finally broke today and I'm suddenly doing way better in the gym. Good to know.

Do you guys also get that kind of weird astringent, soapy smell in your sinuses when you work out really hard? I haven't had it for awhile because, y'know, chest congestion means not working out as hard. But I got it back during my workout today.

Apparently I get to a conference I didn't think I'd make it to. Yay! So tomorrow, I'll be off at MongoSF learning more about NoSQL databases.

Krissy and Shanna are on a road trip for about a week, so if you've wanted to see me or hang out doing something late at night, this coming week-or-so is going to be the best time for probably a year or more. Just so you know. I plan to get a lot of programming done :-)
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Ask the LJ Oracle: Teaching Programming to Kids

Is anybody here:

1) Teaching your kids to program computers?
2) Teaching your kids comparable geeky skills (sysadmin stuff, electronic music/synthesizer, robotics)?
3) Interested in doing that kind of thing, but not sure how?

If so, would you be willing to discuss it with me, here and/or on the phone? Do you know of any good web sites, parent groups, magazines or other good resources for this stuff?

If your answer is "I'm in group 3, and I have no idea where to start", that would also be valuable to me. If you're in any of those categories, I'd love to talk to you.