March 31st, 2010

monkey tattoo


This week, Rob tells the Gemini:

On the Ghost Hunters TV program, paranormal researchers investigate places that are thought to be haunted by supernatural entities. One commercial for the show urges us, the viewers, to "Get fluent in fear!" That exhortation happens to be perfect advice for you, Gemini. APRIL FOOL! I lied. This is not at all a good time for you to get fluent in fear. But more than that. It's actually a momentous time to get un-fluent in fear. You have an unprecedented opportunity to stop casually exposing yourself to anxiety-inducing influences. You have amazing power to shut down that place in your imagination where you generate your scary fantasies. The conquest of your fears could be at hand!

This is a good week for that. We're signing over a big chunk of money which we will very likely lose, but is still basically a good idea. I like getting into situations now and then where I know my gut reactions are wrong -- it's a chance to recondition myself a bit.

So now I have Rob's advice: watch for scariness as I go along, and shut it down along the way.