March 26th, 2010

marshmallow soaked in maple syrup, babies make my insides...

Kid update

I continue to be amazed by Shanna's talking.

Today, on the potty, she pointed at the (clean, dry) diaper I'd taken off her, and said "I hate that diapers." I said "oh." She said "I want a better diaper." "Okay," I said, "would you like to choose a new diaper?"

And when she was done, we got up and she carefully examined several diapers before she declared one to be a good new diaper. It was the same as the one she didn't like, but in green.

She's also doing a lot of that lovely toddler thing where she looks around and then firmly, resolutely declares exactly what she sees. "Mommy and Aunt Mo are sitting at the table." Yes, yes they are.