February 2nd, 2010

what statement?  I like little girls?

Oh, hey -- an announcement

Reactions to my French Laundry post reminded me -- I haven't actually told people about this, though we're not being really "secretive." More like "cautious", or perhaps "lazy", though I'm being a bit "quote-happy" here.

The girl and I are about ten weeks into our attempt to have a second, and probably final, small child.

With luck, this small child will grow up into a larger child, then pre-teen, and so on, but it's too early to plan for that yet. As with last time, we're not planning to find out the gender, and will be quite satisfied so long as our child has roughly normal limb-, head- and digit-counts, et cetera.

Given the timing, Krissy's hoping for a Virgo. I got another Gemini, and fair's fair :-)