August 27th, 2009

sexier than a Jawa gang bang

San Jose Ruby Hackfest

If anybody's been thinking about going to the San Jose Ruby Hackfest, I highly recommend it. Similarly, if anybody's on the fence about seeing the new Hacker Dojo space in Mountain View, do.

We had a great meetup last night. Everybody had fun Ruby and/or Rails projects that they were jazzed about, and usually had questions about, and it was just generally lots of fun. I got to answer lots of questions, and ask a few, and gush about my various random Ruby projects :-) It was great!

It was also really lovely to talk to some folks doing Ruby programming and realize that, seriously, I'm pretty good at this. I've been doing pretty much entirely solitary hacking on Ruby and Rails for years, and I just had no basis for comparison.

It's weird. I've had nobody to talk about this stuff with for quite awhile, so I felt that same kind of bottled up that I sometimes get when I just haven't been talking to anybody for awhile, and I feel like I'm dominating the conversation. One nice thing about being in a room full of hackers -- nobody has the standard-issue set of social skills, and everybody's overly intense about what they're doing, so nobody much minds :-)

Anyway. Yeah. It was awesome.