August 24th, 2009

rented that monkey for my birthday

Good weekend

This weekend, the wife and I did a fair bit of cooking. I hadn't made enchiladas before (that I can remember), and we grabbed a recipe off the internet that turned out to be thoroughly awesome. Instead of baking a pan of enchiladas together, the sauce is pre-cooked, the tortillas are fried in a pan with a bit of oil, and then swished in lightly boiling tomatillo salsa to soften it back up. Then you roll them up and fill with chicken, cheese and salsa.

It's really excellent. And it helps that we made our own tomatillo salsa. I hadn't known how to prepare them. That turns out to be pretty easy, and very tasty.

I made a pesto. I think I'd done that before once, but I can't remember for sure. Pretty simple. We had a lot of basil to use up, and that's a fine way to do it :-)

We also made more marinara. Lots and lots of marinara. Yay for thick, chunky, homemade pasta sauce. Krissy's awesome at that.

There was a also a party, but cooking's what's fresh in my mind :-)