January 20th, 2009

Healthier kind of disgusting

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Shanna's been sick and grumpy for a few days now. This would qualify as her first real cold. When she's grumpy, she has a tendency to alternately grumble and kick all night, apparently even while sleeping. This makes sleeping much harder for the girl and me.

We have a new president. I'm really happy about that. I hope I stay happy about that. Still, it's hard to imagine him doing worse than the current guy (footnote: no it isn't, but I still think it's very unlikely).

Bush didn't give any final fuck-you to us. That's good. It was more than a little pathetic that he spent the end of his tenure trying to tell us how to remember him. I suppose it's good that after eight years, he finally gets that we're unhappy, and that we have some actual reasons to be. It would be nice if he had figured that out seven and a half years earlier, but I guess it's something.

Shanna continues to not-quite-crawl. She really, really wants to skip that bit and just walk. Her mom's against it. She also continues to be chatty, but hasn't really got any full-on words yet. She raises her arms when she wants to be picked up, which was something the girl was trying to teach her, so maybe that's a sort-of-sign-language-word. Maybe not. Still, yay for communication.