August 11th, 2008

Don't care the question, "Yes and I'd do it again"

Random update

I've been doing much more cooking lately. Below, a recipe for something that came out really well. I've made several things recently for the first time, including fresh pasta and risotto. It's nice to be able to do so.

Things at home continue to be pretty good, and rightkindofme and I are still getting along fabulously. That whole "communicating" thing, while never without effort, is still working very well.

Work is busy, but they have me doing fairly interesting things, and I'll get to use the word "architect" on my resume and mean it, which is a little odd to me. Yay! And stress! And yay!

For the geeks in the audience: if you've worked with GTK+, and its underpinnings GLib and GObject, you've probably said, "this is a lot of trouble if what you really want is a dynamic language," or perhaps, "this is great except the C syntax is really ugly." It would seem pretty obvious to have some dynamic language that uses that as a back end, rather like the various PyGTK+, etc bindings. As it turns out, better yet, there's a language called Vala that translates C#-like syntax into GObject-based C (it's also very Javalike). It's a straight-up translator that outputs C on the back end, including making GObject headers and source so that you can just link it into your existing C project. So now you can get the conceptual advantages of GObject without having to type out all that boilerplate GObject code.

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