July 6th, 2008

Big Ears - "I swear by the foam coming o

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go...

The house is in pretty decent shape. I'm gonna need to do less of the cooking from here on out. My wonderful wife is now in *much* better physical shape to take care of things around here while watching over the little one. I was going to lay in a good stock of Chinese leftovers for during the week, but I was foiled by the restaurant being closed until Tuesday. Still, we have ham, and ingredients for an entree or two, plus our constant supply of frozen reheatables and dry pasta.

Overall, can't complain. I think things are pretty good to go.

Unrelatedly, we had a couple of good visits today. jessed and katharos, the swing works wonderfully. She loves it, and will cheerfully sit and swing contentedly for a surprisingly long time. Yay! sheenaqotj, it was lovely to see you and chat, and I'm glad you got to meet our daughter.

Soon, I should get my home computer updated for work-from-home again. That's gonna be a *long* source-code sync.