June 20th, 2008

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I like dark humor as well as the next guy. Better, usually. So Jason Youngbluth, artist of Deep Fried is my occasional hero, not least of all because he does a phenomenal job of doing widely varied drawing styles. It helps that he parodies everything he can get his cynical little hands on, and especially other comics.

This comic is a fine and recent example of his work. It's not a parody of another comic, it's one of his original characters in the middle of one of their (very) random story arcs.
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Girl Genius

Studio Foglio's Girl Genius is an amazing comic. I don't know how he can keep cranking it out at three large pages a week while simultaneously churning out an equal amount of Buck Godot, though I think the latter may be a reillustration of older black and white work. So then they'd be drawing a frightening and surreal amount of content while only writing a really impressive amount of content. Every week.

They give all of Girl Genius, and quite a bit of Buck Godot, away for free online. The links above will take you to the archives. But since it's fantastic, I figure it's worth giving them money.

And now I feel really bad, because I ordered all the Girl Genius collections they have, and the box disappeared after (the Post Office claims) it was delivered. Which means they're sending me another set of books, at their expense. Which means I have cost Studio Foglio money with my order rather than giving it to them.

They're being very nice about it. I still feel bad.

It's a great comic, for those of you who don't read it yet. And their customer service apparently rocks just as hard. Just so you know.