May 28th, 2008

evil mind-control mandrill

[baby filter] Symphony

I have an impressionable young offspring now, so it's important to begin the malajustment early. However, while Shanna's language skills are so limited, there's only so much warping I can successfully do. So I figure a campaign of language improvement is first on the agenda.

With this in mind, I make sure that when she's especially chatty (that means mostly little squeaks and grunts) I mimic her sounds back at her in between chatting with her normally in English. When she hiccups, I do a little jump a moment later.

You can *see* her little confused face. She can tell something is very, very odd about this whole experience, and she knows it's related to the sounds she and I are both making. It's a little early for her to understand just what, though...

I figure it's better I play around with her now. Because if I start using up my self-control already, it'll be way harder for me to suppress my really *good* awful ideas when she's older (e.g.: read her the original "Peter Pan", then convince her we have to go door-to-door and get people to believe in fairies, or Tinker Bell will die).