April 22nd, 2008

bearded monkey god

Outright Theft

I'm throwing a link to an article on copyright theft and fraud. Perhaps my link will add marginally to its Google rank.

Basically, there's a fly-by-night publisher out of Hong Kong that has scraped one or more web sites and sold the results in book form for $100 online. The publisher and ISBN info are entirely fake, as you'd expect. But the book is being carried by a real distributor, Azur, out of Japan. Azur apparently refuses to investigate the allegations of plagiarism.

Some publicity may convince them to not carry this book, though, which would be a nice start.
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Lizard update

I can't remember how much of this I've already said, so you all get to deal with it.

Eight days ago now, we had an early labor scare. After rushing to the acupuncturist, getting the midwife up and applying various herbs, we got past it, but the lovely wife is now on bedrest and not allowed to lift anything, even light things. So far, bedrest is working really well.

We need at least another week or so for the lizard to be sufficiently cooked, and possibly up to two more weeks. The kid's of reasonable but not exceptional size, and the midwife would strongly prefer a child of at least six pounds for confidence in a safe homebirth.

So we're waiting and attempting to keep Krissy from having to make any physical exertion. So far, so good.