April 14th, 2008

dismayed Vinnie

Eventful times, silly comics

This weekend, we had a baby shower. It went well, and people were very generous to us. We owe some thank-you notes :-)

On Saturday evening, I had a persistent abdominal pain that got quite intense, and lasted something like twelve hours. I've now been to the emergency bit of a hospital as the guest of honor twice -- and the other time I filled out less paperwork 'cause they scraped me off the highway, which let me use the express entrance :-) Not 100% sure what it was, but quite possibly gallstones. I think I may be officially old, and an ultrasound on Wednesday will tell me for sure.

This morning, I came back home from work in a hurry, stopping to acquire some herbs that are supposed to help avoid pre-term labor. While the crisis is now averted, it looked a lot like we were in danger of having a kid a few weeks earlier than would be good -- we've got about two more weeks before we can have a home birth rather than having to go to a hospital. An acupuncturist (acupuncturer? :-), some herbs and some midwife time later, things look more settled, but Krissy's going to need to be on bedrest for 2-3 weeks :-(

And on a more cheerful note, now that Home on the Strange is 100% over, I think I'll post my particular favorite individual comics from it. Just because.

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