March 28th, 2008

what statement?  I like little girls?

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There's a silly children's book written by a gay playwright called "The Sissy Duckling". It goes roughly as you'd expect, with an effeminate boy duckling being rejected and eventually saving the day. The reviews on Amazon are strident on both sides -- supporters claiming it shows tolerance, detractors claiming it is evil, has no benefits but supporting the gay agenda, and should never have been published.

I've now read it for myself. Apparently the gay agenda consists of the idea that young boys should be allowed to 1) cook, 2) paint and 3) not give a damn about baseball.

Pretty subversive stuff. From the description of the title character, I'm still not sure if he's gay or just going to become an "ah-teest" to get laid when he gets older. I guess it could always be both.