February 6th, 2008

pirate face

Brezsny Wednesday

This week, Breznsy tells the Gemini:

I've got some of the strangest good news you've ever heard. Ready to open your mind to the odd opportunities? Get this: 1. Your wild speculations could serve you better than your educated guesses. 2. Your experimental urges might be smarter than your cautious plans. 3. Your "stumbles" may lead you to brilliant detours. 4. You just may be able to create lucky breaks out of apparent mistakes.

Fair enough. I'll watch for that this week. Numbers 1 and 2 are basically always true :-)

To Leos (my moon sign), he says:

Tibetans use the phrase "Gadrii nombor shulen jongu," which literally means "to give a green answer to a blue question." It's what happens when a person offers a reply that is unrelated to the question that has been asked. This is an apt description of a certain situation you're either dealing with now or will soon be. It may be that someone close to you is responding with irrelevant answers to your piercing inquiries. Or it might be that you have misunderstood a mystery that a friend has presented to you. A third possibility: A question you've been asking yourself is the wrong question. (Thanks to the book Toujours Tingo for the Tibetan phrase.)

Combined with my sun sign above, this says "don't trust my current approach", I suppose.