January 30th, 2008

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The girl and I made it back from Pittsburgh. We found a house that we'd really, *really* like, at least if our current one sells fast enough for us to make an offer. On a completely unrelated note, an (ongoing) discussion with Dell Technical Support chat:
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Wednesday says Brezsny

This week, Rob tells the Gemini:

HappyWomanMagazine.com sought out several supermodels for advice about spirituality. "Buddhists have the best religion," said 6'1", 102-pound Ilize Bergeron. "They don't believe in heaven or hell or God, and they don't pray. Plus, Buddhism is so mysterious that you could probably fool your boss into giving you lots of random days off work for religious holidays. One more thing: It's the trendiest religion out there right now." In light of your current astrological omens, Gemini, you might want to draw inspiration from Ilize's perspective. In the coming weeks, you need to feed your spiritual side, but in ways that are fun, light-hearted, uncomplicated, guilt-free, and unburdened by concerns about reward and punishment.

Um. Is he *trying* to make me sound superficial? I can do that pretty well on my own! I mean, um, I'm obviously not as... Y'know what? I'll just be uncomplicated this week.

Regardless, for Leo (my moon sign) he says:

Daniel Tammet is a savant who can quickly perform complex mathematical calculations in his head. Every number up to 10,000 has a special shape and feel for him. He experiences 37 as a lumpy, warm goo, while 89 invokes visions of snow falling. Although I don't normally have this relationship with numbers, I did get a vivid psychic vision of 77 while meditating on your current astrological omens. It appeared to me as a scene of two people bobbing and tumbling while wearing scuba gear and trying to make love underwater in a heated swimming pool. Assuming this is an oracle, what does it signify symbolically? Maybe it's time for you to seek a new kind of union in the depths. Or perhaps you should get more playful in your approach to sex. It might also mean you should enjoy playing with deep emotions.

Hm. Now I wonder: what's the uncomplicated approach to this advice?