January 12th, 2008

Demon - "Did you say 'Walter'?"

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A house seems so... permanent. And then guys come in and start taking down doors and cutting up carpet, and it just doesn't any more. Sort of a mental gear shift that goes, "oh, wait -- my house is, like, made of things. And they come apart."
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Some prose should be banned by law

I got to be a cavedweller for most of today. After I moved all the stuff into the garage, men came over to tear out the old carpet and replace it. This meant that most of the house was completely inaccessible to me. Luckily, our wireless router is in the kitchen anyway so I got to alternately sit and use the laptop, read a Ruby on Rails book, and carefully navigate the Tetris game that was our kitchen and garage.

I carefully arranged things so that there was a path through to more or less everywhere our there, just in case I needed something and hadn't thought about it. That turned out to be a sound strategy a couple of times. So it meant our garage was a twisted little maze for awhile, even as our living room became an un-navigable mess of torn-up carpeting and festive mariachi music.