January 11th, 2008

damned if I won't try

Moving furniture. Badness. Goodness. Carpet.


Earlier this week, my wife had to very suddenly fly to Portland, due to a sudden emergency. I stayed down here, partly because we're having the carpet replaced some time between 8am and 11am tomorrow, and I needed to move absolutely all our furniture off absolutely all carpeted areas.

Luckily, a friend volunteered to help. Unluckily, said friend had to work late and didn't make it.

The upshot is that over the last two evenings, plus all of today (I took today off work), I have moved everything we own into our garage or kitchen. All the furniture, all the bric-a-brac, everything except a little bit in closets or the bathroom.

On these grounds, I claim rockin'-ness. So saith I.

In completely unrelated news, man am I tired.