November 12th, 2007

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More gaming silliness

The comic Chainmail bikini (which hasn't gone far enough to really interest me yet, but hey, Shamus Young) points out more silliness about roleplaying games:

Adding a new PC to the party means inviting an unknown and dangerous-looking stranger to join your group of otherwise paranoid and greedy adventurers. There's pretty much no way to roleplay it so that it doesn't sound stupid.

Imagine if someone did this to you in real life: You're walking down the street and bump into a three random guys who invite you to to join in on assault and robbery; offering you a one-quarter stake in everything and a very real chance at severe bodily harm, without bothering to ask for your name or qualifications.

It's ridiculous. That sort of thing never happens unless you're in Detroit.
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DHP, Dec 15th

Since we're planning pretty seriously to leave the state and (even sooner) sell the house, we've decided to have one last DHP before we go. We've sent out email to the Google Group and I've posted on the DHP LiveJournal community. Other than "it's December 15th", the details are basically the same as the previous party, at the old invitation spot. I suck, so there's no new invitation up -- maybe I'll put one there before the party happens :-)

Anyway, it's an open-invite party, so if you can read this (or if you can't), you're welcome to show up. Whatever alcohol you don't drink, we have to move!