June 20th, 2007

monkey X

It's So Wednesday

Today, Brezsny tells the Gemini:

We're almost halfway through 2007. It's time to take inventory of how well you're capitalizing on this year's unique opportunities. So let me ask you, Gemini: Are you working hard to heal the indecisiveness that has dissipated your energy in the past? I hope so. You've never had a better chance to unify your divided mind than you have now; you will continue to be the beneficiary of unprecedented help from cosmic forces whenever you make concentrated efforts to coordinate your diverse desires. I urge you to invoke all your ingenuity as you seek out the magic that will make you a virtuoso of variety.

That's a pretty good description, I hope, of some of my recent programming efforts (at home, not so much at work). Maybe I should put more time into them...

To the Leos, my moon sign, he says:

How well are you capitalizing on this year's unique opportunities, Leo? Now that we're almost halfway through 2007, let's take an inventory. I'm hoping that six months from now, you'll look back and say the following: "This was the year I learned how to play and have fun on a higher level. I resurrected everything I knew about playing and having fun as a child, and applied it to my life as an adult. I liberated my imagination in the bedroom and in the workplace; I gave myself permission to seek out amusement and delight as if they were the holiest motivations of all. I cavorted and joked and fooled around as if my dreams depended on it."

Oddly enough, I'm not seeing any Sacred Advertisement this week. Maybe he's discontinuing it. Or maybe just skipping a week.