March 5th, 2007

do not anger the monkey

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Saturday was interesting. I got to hang out with a bunch of random students that my wife teaches (yeah, I like the phrase "my wife", and I use it more often than strictly necessary - sue me :-P). They've got a major literary criticism paper due soon and she came in on Saturday to tell anybody willing to work how to do it. She actually got about 40 kids, which is quite impressive for a Saturday.

It's not like I was there socializing much - I did a bit of working (on my job, not lit crit), a bit of helping out, a significant amount of staring at students until they figured out that you could see at a distance how off-topic they were... Plus a bit more screwing around with Torque Game Builder stuff. It's kinda neat, and I needed something I could easily mess around with :-)

Mostly it was nice to put some names to faces. I *hear* a lot about these kids. rightkindofme spends all day with them most days, after all.