February 3rd, 2007

bearded monkey god

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This week, Rob tells the Gemini:

It's a scary responsibility to give people astrological advice. What if I suggested that you call in sick (even though you're not sick) so you could wander off into the Great Unknown in quest of close encounters with mind-blowing teachings? And what if in the course of following my suggestion you learned so many lessons about how to permanently expand your frontiers that you then decided to burn down a bridge to nowhere and give away most of your emotional baggage and live in greater devotion to your soul's radically simple needs? Could I then get sued by someone in your life who really doesn't want you to escape your traps?

Hrm. I assume this is meant as a brainstorming opportunity -- who would want me not to escape from those things? I don't feel that way about rightkindofme, who is most of who I'm spending time with these days... Though I suppose it could be considered a reflection on my job.

Or maybe this one's not me this week.