February 2nd, 2007

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Main Entry: horde
Pronunciation: 'hord
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French, German, & Polish; Middle French & German, from Polish horda, from Ukrainian dialect gorda, alteration of Ukrainian orda, from Old Russian, from Turkic orda, ordu - a khan's residence
1 a : a political subdivision of central Asian nomads b : a people or tribe of nomadic life
2 : a teeming crowd or throng : SWARM
synonym see CROWD

Main Entry: hoard[1]
Pronunciation: 'hord
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English hord, from Old English; akin to Gothic huzd treasure, Old English hydan to hide
: a supply or fund stored up and often hidden away

Main Entry: hoard[2]
Function: verb
transitive verb
1 : to lay up a hoard of
2 : to keep (as one's thoughts) to oneself
intransitive verb : to lay up a hoard
- hoard·er noun

Thus, you *could* have a dragon horde or a Mongol hoard, but more often you're speaking of a dragon's hoard or a Mongol horde. Not the same thing. Note differences in spelling.

Thank you.
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Awhile back, I was talking with rightkindofme, about a chupaqueso. I'm assuming that name was made up by Howard Tayler, the guy who draws Schlock Mercenary. It's a made-in-a-pan snack food composed entirely of melted or toasted cheese. The recipe, excerpted from an earlier Shlock Mercenary footnote, follows.

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