January 23rd, 2007

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I'm still not reading or writing LJ very consistently, but I am a little bit lately. In that spirit, what's up right now:

I'm working from home today. This will become more of a rare treat starting very shortly, but for now it's a requirement since I need to pick up my newly-repaired motorcycle from Bike World (no, not a crash - just some bits in need of maintenance from hard regular use). At work, they're asking us to be physically present more than I had been. Le sigh.

There's a plumber here. He's just cut a hole in the wall to remove a chunk of pipe with a drain-stopper thing lodged very firmly in it. When he's finished we'll still have a hole in the wall, but we'll also have the ability to take showers without winding up knee-deep in undrained water. After that, we'll need to either see about getting the wall patched (apparently rightkindofme, who totally rocks and has all kinds of random skills, has some competence in this area) or replace the rectangle of drywall with something festive. Perhaps it's always wanted to be a tinted cellophane window into the inner workings of our wall, and drywall has only been standing in its way.