September 14th, 2006

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Awhile back, amul mentioned a game called My Life With Master. On a lark, I looked it up, and was impressed. The concept is that you play a minion of an evil mastermind with plans to do one horrific thing or another. It's interesting to me primarily because it turns the usual role-playing game thing on its ear pretty completely, which is why it won several awards. The ideas aren't completely new, but they're remarkably original and they intrigue me. I also like the somewhat Gothic atmosphere of the game.

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So, in a month or three, anybody want to try playing a bizarre role-playing game? It looks like it takes around three sessions of around three hours each to get through a single 'campaign' of "My Life With Master", after which you generally need to create all new characters in a new setting if you want to play again.
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Memories of Japan

I'm going to try to write down some bits about my trip to Japan before I've forgotten them entirely. I'll go roughly in chronological order, probably with little random asides as I recall them. You've been warned.

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