September 7th, 2006

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Heya, folks. It appears my wedding to rightkindofme will *not* be on June 16th. That would be literally the day after her last day of work for the school year - planning a wedding around that would be very stressful, so we're not doing it. Plans for what we're going to do are still up in the air, but we're pretty sure we're not going to have a public ceremony, or even a ceremony attended by more than immediate family. In fact, not even that, though that's a discussion for another post.

On an (*cough*) unrelated topic, we had that lovely weekend in the B&B this past weekend, up on Lake Tahoe, just across the border from Nevada. Oh, and my cuticles are awful. Plus I got a new piece of jewelry.

[Note following many of my posts: my house is undamaged, my motorcycle is fine, my body is in the same shape it has been, and my relationship with rightkindofme isn't ending any time soon. But, um, we're not engaged any more. You should click that link above if you want an explanation. No, seriously. Now would be a good time.]