August 23rd, 2006

2013 work pic (2)

In Nagoya, Japan

Arrived safely at Nagoya airport. Not my final destination, but on the way.

Turns out you can now bring carry-on baggage on intl flights. Yay!

There are for-pay internet stations in Nagoya, though the keyboards suck. Thus my occasional lack of appropriate punctuation.

Going for a week without seeing the girl is going to suck.

Briefly, Im on a land-mass with monkeys. After my connecting flight, no monkeys (Hokkaido is like that). Either way, I wont see monkeys. Very sad.

Theres a Starbucks in the airport mall (called Skytown) in Nagoya. I didnt stop in to see if theyre mostly like the American version.

I have now used a traditional Japanese-style toilet. I now understand their fascination with all things Western-toilet-related, and preferably really high-tech.

I post differently when on a short time-limit. Can you tell?

Still not King.

Though... Life? Pretty good.