August 21st, 2006

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The girl and I, after a disappointing weekend class, washed the car. I've done only a little bit of car-washing, and mainly ad-libbed a method based on the principle that goes, "how tough can it be?" I'm now familiar with rightkindofme's SoCal-spawned low-water-usage method :-)

There are lots of little things that work that way. People I've dated and people I've lived with (heya, tshuma!) have both been really eye-opening because I get to see lots of little ways that other people do random household things differently. It's nifty.
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I'm going to Japan for a week. I'm flying out tomorrow for sooperspryte's wedding, and I'll arrive back on Monday.

So if I don't respond immediately to email for the coming week, or at all to phone calls, it's because I hate you and want you to die painfully. You specifically, not anybody else.

Why yes, this *is* an unfiltered post and world-viewable, why do you ask?

Note: I may or may not be able to figure out email access or find a cybercafe or equivalent in Japan. I'm not planning to bring a laptop, given what flying is like right now. So it's entirely possible that I'm just going to be entirely out of contact for a week.
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Steve Yegge writes random rants, often on technical topics. Today's (nontechnical) topic, oddly enough, is plastic surgery, and oddly enough, he's all for it.

I'm pretty neutral on plastic surgery. But he makes some great points about what things are and aren't socially acceptable that I like a lot. So I'm linking to him :-)