August 16th, 2006

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I uploaded that picture of my face at the wedding to a place with a cute face-recognition thing to do celebrity face matching. The number one celebrity match to my face was Magic Johnson. Hrm...

Though Nathan Lane and Tobey Maguire both made the list, so it could have been worse. In return, I shall take John Goodman being there stoically (note: John Goodman's not actually a bad-looking guy, but it was a terrible pic of him).

The picture I usually use (the one here) is sadly too small, and I've long ago lost the larger original. My silly hiking photo with the squinched-up face apparently looks like Tom Hanks. I wouldn't have guessed that first.
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This week, Rob tells the Gemini:

In her song "Deeper Well," Emmylou Harris says she's "looking for the water from a deeper well." Make that your assignment, Gemini. And if you're feeling brave, extend your search to an even more challenging quest: what Harris refers to as searching for a "holier grail." According to my reading of the omens, your biggest, brightest dream isn't as big and bright as it could be. Raise your standards.

I often check my moon sign, Leo, as well. Given that what I've been dreaming of lately involves stability and starting a family with rightkindofme, my moon sign's horoscope is particularly ominous this week:

"Raising kids is like making pancakes," muses Brian Copeland in his show Not a Genuine Black Man. "You always mess up the first one." A similar idea might apply to a certain multi-pronged project you've been working on, Leo. I'm not saying you should abandon or throw away your initial effort. On the contrary, like rookie parents whose inexperience has slightly tweaked their first-born, you should be thorough in trying to undo your mistakes. But I also suggest that you immediately get started on the next creation in the series, being sure you've learned all you can from the consequences of your earlier ignorance.

So, um... Raise my sights in terms of raising kids, but expect to mess the first one up?