August 2nd, 2006

monkey X

Wednesday. Brezsny.

This week, Rob tells the Gemini:

Ocean Dome is a huge indoor beach and water park on an island in Japan. Fabricated to create the ideal seaside conditions, it features artificial white sand and machine-generated waves that are high enough to surf. Air and water temperatures never waver from a comfortable range. There's an amusing irony about the place, though: Less than 1,000 feet away from its metal facade, there's an actual ocean and beach. Does this remind you of any situation in your own life, Gemini? It should. In my opinion, you'd get more enjoyment out of the real thing than the synthetic substitute.

Maybe this one's for some other Gemini. Or maybe he's being all metaphysical on me in a way that's more vague and/or abstract than usual. Either is certainly possible.