July 21st, 2006

monkey X

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Rob tells the Gemini this week:

Kathleen Raine (1908-2003) was a brilliant Cambridge-educated scholar and poet who won numerous awards for her poetry in the U.K. and France. Many of her colleagues were towering intellectuals, but she herself wanted "to get away from the Sherlock Holmes misconception that everything has a rational explanation." She gravitated instead toward "the sacred springs of life, which are the imagination and the heart." She's your role model right now, Gemini. I hope she'll inspire you to apply all of your high-powered ingenuity to an exploration of soul-awakening mysteries that can't be encapsulated with neat analyses. It's a perfect moment for you to celebrate the indescribable bounty of fertile chaos.

I hereby dub this "Rob's a bastard" week. S'pose I'll know in a few days whether I mean that in a good or bad way. Fertile chaos tends to be like that.
monkeytown is doomed!

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Somebody thought it would be a cute idea to write a blog for Darth Vader throughout the three original Star Wars movies. It combines the kind of silliness you'd expect ("I didn't even have the energy to crush Admiral Piett's trachea", "This is a *waste* of a dark lord") with some surprisingly well-written and well-thought out sections about Vader figuring out what was going on, meeting Luke for the first time, reflecting on his past with Padme, and so on...

Worth it if you're a big Star Wars fan. Otherwise, probably not so much.