July 7th, 2006

it's the monkey in the pants

(no subject)

When I had my serious motorcycle accident, almost two years ago now, many of you were wonderful enough to loan books and books-on-tape to me. It was a wonderful gesture, and very much appreciated. You guys rock.

However, I still *have* a number of these items, which I have not yet returned to you. My rockin'-ness is more variable.

I know that at the very least, vito_excalibur and katharos have loaned me stuff that I haven't returned. There are more of you, whose names are right now escaping me, or whose stuff I don't immediately associate with your names. Mea culpa.

I'd like to put out an open call to anybody who loaned me stuff to take it back - specifically, let's schedule where/when I should show up and I'll happily meet you for food or activity and bring the objects you were so good as to loan me.

Thank you all. I may post a more detailed list of books and tapes, if anybody thinks that's a useful thing. Best wishes all 'round, to all of you.