May 10th, 2006

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Either my resume looks better than I figured or the industry's on an upswing. Or, y'know, random chance.

I'd figure the offer was just spam, but several uncommon salient points of my resume are mentioned very specifically, so I think it's just a zealous recruiter. Not that anything's wrong with my resume, but it *does* involve a significant number of jumps between companies, which is usually a bit of a red light.

Anybody looking for a programming job with a random Networking startup? I could pass the good luck on to you.
monkey in pants

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This week, Rob tells me:

Would you please go have a picnic after midnight in a secret garden? Or maybe wander out to the edge of nowhere and throw a birthday party for the sun? Or weave wildflowers in your hair and lead a sweet thing unto temptation with a seduction strategy plucked from a poem by Pablo Neruda? Please, Gemini, tear your eyes away from the terribly obvious and the numbingly familiar. Be willing to be as impractical as you've ever been. The weird probability is that you'll have a piercing insight about the bottom line while you're wandering free in a place that's far from the bottom line.

Interesting, particularly since this was shaping up to be a quiet "me week" anyway, mostly. I'll think on this.