May 9th, 2006

crazier than cocaine on drugs

Musings on teaching and learning...

I realized an interesting parallel recently. To explain it, I'll have to mention some stuff about Collapse )

I like CMU. I recommend them highly, at least for people who already know what they want to do. So if I can look at *that* and call it a good University, how can I bitch about local dance classes?

Because I Collapse )

In some of my old bitterness about learning dance (reference), apparently it sounded like I was accusing dance folk of being a secret cabal with some secret learning method they wouldn't share. Collapse )

I will *only* recommend the CMU classes to somebody who needs a fire lit under their ass to get up and try. That is the big benefit they provide. If somebody asks for a class to learn *how* to program, I will say, "as far as I know, no such thing exists. I do know some halfway-decent books."

Collapse )

I run the risk of further offending people any time I touch this topic, so I'm gonna stop now. Enough damage for one day and all that.