November 6th, 2005

do not anger the monkey

(no subject)

I've trimmed my friends list a bit. I expect I'll do so again before too terribly long. Some of you have already dropped me due to neglect or (I suppose) because I don't post anything much any more. Or, y'know, you could now hate me and be seething in bitter resentment - if so, hope that works out for you.

In any case, I unquestionably have far, far more LJ friend-age than I'm able to read, and that's been true for a very long time. So I'm going to start acknowledging that fact more readily, particularly since at this point I manage to read maybe three or four people, just skimming, every couple of weeks. Statistically speaking, you're probably not one of them - especially since this isn't even friends-locked. And that situation is likely to continue at least until March, and quite possibly later.

Anyway... Just wanted folks to know that I intend no particular ire toward the people I'm removing, they're just people who for one reason or another I'm never likely to have time to skim the journal of. This isn't necessarily a comment on either how much I like you or your journal quality - some people I'd just rather catch up with in person.