August 31st, 2005

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This week, Brezsny tells the Gemini:

A respected medical journal reports that one out of four people thinks that "scientists have already found a cure for cancer, but that this cure is being withheld by the health care industry because it makes more money treating the illness." There are a lot of paranoid theories like this going around. Millions believe in the existence of elite puppet masters who manipulate our shared resources to serve their own power and wealth rather than the public good. I'm not smart or crazy enough to evaluate these theories. But I do know that for you right now, Gemini, it's crucial to be extremely skeptical of every authority, expert, and leader. You should express similar discernment toward those who present themselves as hip, high-status, or special. It will be to your advantage to disrespect hierarchies and become a devotee of pure democracy.

And my moon sign, Leo, is told to be careful and a bit conservative this week. Interesting.

I've been doing a bit of this anyway, 'cause startups are like that. But more could be good.

[Side note: I'm still *way* not caught up on LJ. That may not change.]
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Have now been at the new job for a day. I've never gotten so much done on a first day. But the tools are installed, I've got the code pulled down and available, my hardware's all working, and I've made checkins and stuff.

Not a bad day one. I blame it on a lack of email and 'net access :-) Today that should change, so we'll see how productive I am. I'm hoping not to have workdays as long as yesterday be routine, though...
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Hiring software engineers

My employer wishes me to remind everybody I talk to on a regular basis that we're hiring software engineers. So if you are one, or you know any, and you'd like to work in Palo Alto with a startup doing cool software, we're an option.

Speaking based on my own two days of experience - everything's really just starting out here, so if you wish to make a major impact in a company's code organization, IT infrastructure, corporate culture or other bedrock bits of how the company runs, this would be a really good time to do it.

Anyway, I've gotta go back to doing that. But I figured this qualified as a nice work-related post.