August 9th, 2005

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I'm now less than 24 hours behind on LJ. This has been rather an accomplishment. Partially 'cause I skipped all weekend, and partially because people keep calling and emailing to find out if I want to work for them.

Which, y'know, doesn't suck.
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I'm also behind on posting.

I had another hypnotherapy class on Saturday, this one with Ormond McGill. The old fellow's 92, and has been doing stage shows since he was 17. A lovely man, and good at what he does.

Had planned a nice dinner-and-TV thing that evening with meowlzebub, tampagypsy and lightbringer. On the way down, going from highway 580 to 880 South, Collapse )

On Monday I had a lovely visit with rightkindofme, who luckily also had errands to run in San Jose, so I picked up the motorcycle ramp and while we were down there, we went to a restaurant she really likes that she can't make it to often. I also quite enjoyed Su's Mongolian Barbeque. I'll need to find a chance to go back some time soon.

Today has been job hunting stuff pretty much all day. Which definitely isn't bad. It interrupts my screwing around, but these things happen :-P