July 12th, 2005


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I have just this evening laid in about eight gallons of several slight variations of blackberry mead. Well, okay, this evening I got it into secondary fermenters from the initial plastic tubs.

It's good to have something brewing. It's been too long since I have.
monkeytown is doomed!

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Yahoo Mail is being wonky (the web site's not loading, and hasn't for an hour or more), so I can't check mail right this second. If something massively important comes up, please call or something. Thanks.
monkey bad boy


This week, Brezsny tells me:

Pablo Picasso is the patron saint of getting paid for doing what you love to do. Over 200 of his paintings sold for more than a million dollars apiece, and he didn't have to wait until he was dead to get a lot of that money. He's your role model in the coming weeks, Gemini. It will be an excellent time for you not only to follow your bliss, but also to profit from following your bliss. Turn your thoughts to Picasso whenever you need a boost. Imagine that like him, you can find a way to be secure about money as you do what makes you feel at home in the world.

Well, the timing's good. Damned if I know what I should be doing along these lines, though.