July 5th, 2005

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I get tested for a variety of things regularly, on principle. On the list is Hepatitis (note: please don't read too much into my proclivities on this one - they test for it, so I go get tested).

However, even at a cheap testing location, it looks like long-term I'll be much better served by just going and getting the vaccine for it - I don't know what the vaccine costs, but the testing gets expensive at once a year or once per six months. Besides, hey, being immune has several additional advantages in terms of giving status. It just seems like a good idea.

I know there are Hepatitis A & B vaccines out there, recommended for health professionals and/or travellers. Anybody know a good location to go get vaccinated? This seems like it would be of fairly broad interest in several of my communities...
it's the monkey in the pants

If it's almost Wednesday, maybe it might almost be Brezsny...

This week, Rob says:

A young goth woman was weaving her bicycle through heavy traffic. She was talking on a cell phone with her left hand and smoking a cigarette with her right. Watching from my Honda, I marveled at how well she maneuvered without the guiding influence of her hands on the handlebars. I stopped next to her at a red light, and was further impressed when she pulled out a candy bar and a small book of poems by Charles Baudelaire. For a minute or so, she smoked, ate, read, and chatted on her phone. Just before the light changed, I leaned out the window and said, "You're not a Gemini, are you?" "Yeah," she replied. "Of course. How did you know?" I knew because not only are you the zodiac's best multitasker, you're also at the very peak of your ability to do five things at once.

I think this one may be aimed at some other Gemini. Not sure where it's relevant to my life this week.