June 15th, 2005

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This week, Rob tells the Gemini:

Here's your question for the week: What's the difference between deluded self-esteem that leads you to waste your time on impossible dreams and well-justified self-esteem that inspires you to seek a viable goal that's beyond your previous level of accomplishment? An example of the first is the Louisiana State University student who declared himself eligible for the National Basketball Association's draft, although he wasn't even good enough to play on his college team. An example of the second is my talented musician friend Allie, who made a demo CD in her home studio and brazenly sent it to a big record company executive, who liked it so much he signed her to a recording contract.


Yeah, Rob. Yeah. I know.

Just not sure how far above the treeline to shoot, you know? Half of me says, "reach for the stars" and the other half says "do you even know what direction that would be, boyo?"

I usually check my moon sign, Leo, as well. The basic advice there is "the old rules won't work. Do better." I'm doing well at that. My heart has been holding up its half of the bargain beautifully. I give it a little attention and suddenly it's powerful, inspired and ready to burst chains like string. But my mind is clouded. I misdirect myself so often, and I don't want to do so again on an old mistake. I like new mistakes so much better...
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Oh, and hey...

We've got a working hot tub motor again. I over-brominated it when I put granules in the water to shock it, but the hot tub itself is fine, it'll just take a bit of evaporation to get back to a proper level of chemical.

So soon the DH should be properly hot-tubbified.