June 7th, 2005

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After a recent opportunity to remember how much I liked the Indigo Girls' self-titled album, I went ahead and picked up a boxed set. I've gotten enough enjoyment and insight from them to spring for a couple of albums rather than listening to other people's copies.

An album I got as part of it was "Nomads, Indians, Saints", which I hadn't heard before. The song "Hammer and Nail" is worth it by itself. Totally. As is so often the case, the lyrics just aren't as good by themselves, though they're quite good.

Overall I think the other two albums of theirs that I've heard now (N,I,S and Strange Fire) aren't as good as the self-titled one, and I'd like it if some of the words were a lot easier to hear. Brilliant lyrics sung so you can't easily hear them can irk me, though I love their intonation. Just not their enunciation.