June 2nd, 2005

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Back from the Allergy Elimination party. Looks like we only got eastbaygreg, bootkitten and plymouth. Unfortunately bootkitten had a problem that the guy teaching couldn't figure out. I worked on plymouth, so I'm curious how that'll go. And I'll also hope to hear a report from eastbaygreg on what he worked on.

We broke up into groups of three to practice the technique. The third guy in our group was actually really interesting/amusing. Granted, I'm *very* glad I didn't have him as an actual paying client in an actual hypnotherapy practice. Plus we took turns, and I went first, so I kinda foisted him off on plymouth by default, and it's not like she had any previous experience in NLP or hypnotherapy.

For those of you who have been wondering how a phobia-curing technique would work on allergies - you'll be happy to know that this was basically very similar to the phobia technique, if slightly more heavyweight. So apparently they think a phobia-curing technique *does* work on allergies, pretty much. We'll wait for reports to come in and see how well it works, I guess.
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Forwarded from several people...

It looks like Berkeley PFA is showing lot of Studio Ghibli stuff!

The link is here.

A quick summary:

THU JUN 2 7:30 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

SUN JUN 5 2:00 The Cat Returns (Free Screening!)

SUN JUN 5 3:35 Castle in the Sky

SUN JUN 5 6:00 Princess Mononoke

THU JUN 9 3:00 Howl's Moving Castle

THU JUN 9 6:00, 9:00 Howl's Moving Castle

SUN JUN 12 2:00 My Neighbor Totoro

SUN JUN 12 3:50 Kiki's Delivery Service

SUN JUN 12 6:00 Spirited Away

THU JUN 16 7:30 Princess Mononoke

FRI JUN 17 7:30 Porco Rosso

FRI JUN 17 9:25 Pom Poko

SUN JUN 19 2:00 Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

SUN JUN 19 4:15 Porco Rosso

SUN JUN 19 6:00 Only Yesterday

SUN JUN 26 2:00 My Neighbors the Yamadas

SUN JUN 26 4:05 Pom Poko

SUN JUN 26 6:25 Grave of the Fireflies

THU JUN 30 7:30 Only Yesterday